Saturday, October 23, 2010

My contribution to Halloween fever.

Not much to say - except to post this link. The ultimate Halloween experience from the master. Enjoy.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Bonella Gobbles Up Kat Holmes

BONELLA: Um…excuse me but was there a creative lapse at some point that you stared at your cat and came up with a name like KAT? Like, so original…NOT! What’s up with that?

KAT: Well considering I have TWO cats I think it is creative. Besides, they are nice and cuddly. You should get a cat.

BONELLA: I do and she's about to gobble you up whole. I want to hate you but a few of my creepy friends…

FANGS BUD: Like me me me me…she’s cute, can I have her? Can I taste her? Can I keep her?

BONELLA: opstay with the estionsquay before we get ootedbay, angfay. As I was saying, a few of my creepy friends, like Fangs here told me you’re into Greek Gods. Is that like a real passion or you just kissing as—

LEA: Not warning you again about your language!

BONELLA: There you go assuming the worse of me again. Kissing astral plains…woman has a severe case of jumping the gun. So, Miz Kats, why the interest in dead Gods?

KAT: Who said they’re dead? I wouldn’t want to be you if Hades found out you just called him dead. He rules the dead, and that means bone people too. Do you need the number for a good lawyer who specializes in angry Gods?

As for my love of Greek gods, yep I do love em. Not gonna deny it. I think it has to do with the fact that they aren’t perfect. They have flaws just like everyone else. Even you.

BONELLA: Excuse me but speak for yourself. I. Don't. Have. Flaws. Have you ever been bitten by a vampire? If not, have you fantasized about it?

KAT: Vampires. Now THAT’s a topic I love. No I’ve never been bitten but like most other hot-blooded women, sure I’ve fantasized about it. There is just something sexy about a tortured soul with fangs. And anyone who says otherwise is either lying or long dead themselves.

FANGS BUD: I’m dead, real dead, like nightly stalking vampire dead, so interested in a bit of night trips with me? I can show you a real good bloody time.

BONELLA: ealay is oingay to ootbay your…

LEA: out of here if you guys don’t keep it clean.

FANGS BUD: artypay ooperpay

BONELLA: Tell me about it. So, Holmes, people ever ask you if you’re related to that shmuck Sherlock Holmes? You know his crypt is right by my lane.

KAT: No but my Mom does get that a lot. And I have to agree with you on that part, though not the full on shmuck description. But I’m not a Sherlock Holmes fan myself. I prefer the mystery writings of Agatha Christie.

BONELLA: The chick on the Express Train, yeah, okay. Last question before you get booted…what’s the big deal with lighthouses? Geez, those lights give me a headache, round and round and round and round…

KAT: Don’t like lighthouses huh? I thought you’d love them since they have a rich history of paranormal activity, mysterious disappearances and murder. For instance I just learned about one lighthouse in Long Island Sound called Execution Rocks Lighthouse. It has a very brutal history. During the Revolution the British would chain rebels up to the rocks at low tide. When high tide came in the people drowned. And years later a serial killer would dump the bodies of his victims off its shores.

Now while I think such a macabre tale would interest you, and I credit a show called Ghost Adventures for the info on that lighthouse, I on the other hand just find them mysterious. I think has to do with the isolation of so many of them on rocky little islands coupled with stories of keepers disappearing. It just creates its own sense of mystery, suspense, and yes even romance.

BONELLA: Wish I could say it’s been fun…well, actually, you are into dead guys so you did brighten our monthly guest posting somewhat…

FANGS BUD: So you gonna go out with me for a…bite?

MUMMSY BITTER: FANGS BUD!! Just what do you think you’re doing?

BONELLA: Oh sh*&! Gotta run. Mummsy’s gonna crack someone’s fangs shortly.

Ashes by Arlene Webb cover

by Arlene Webb
Paranormal Romance Thriller
coming 2011

Lyle holds his murdered brother and wants his life to end too. When the unbelievable happens, he’ll sacrifice anything to avoid the final stage of grief, and comes to learn life is just beginning.