Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Honey I'm Home!

I am thrilled to be here at Muse It Hot.

Recently, on May 7th, I did an interview with Roseanne Dowell on her blog introducing the writer in me and two of my upcoming stories.

I want to thank her for her generosity in letting other authors come onto her blog and be interviewed thoroughly so we new writers have a forum for letting the world learn who we are and how we write.

I have been in awe of writers all my life. The magic they create by weaving words together in intricate details that can leave us breathless and profoundly changed always amazed and impressed me. They are the TRUE stars of the world to me..all too often the unsung stars.

I remember in eleventh grade having a substitute English Teacher when the regular one was in a car accident. Mrs. Whitney came into our class and assigned GONE WITH THE WIND as our reading assignment for that quarter. I remember taking it home, crawling into my Bentwood Rocker on Friday night and not surfacing until I had read it cover to cover, Sunday morning. I was enthralled and in Mrs. Whitney's debt.

Since Mrs. Whitney opened the covers of powerful fiction to my eager eyes, I have avidly sought out and devoured literary genius. My tastes are fluid. I can gush quite eloquently about Glenn Kleier's THE LAST DAY and with equal fervor bemoan the loss of Mary Janice Davidson's King Al of the Country of Alaska.

I sorely miss Anne N. Reisser and wish she would write more books. I just got Charlaine Harris' latest Sookie Stackhouse book in the mail this week that I will read in one sitting this coming Saturday. I tried to unravel the mind defined in HELTER SKELTER and have a symbiotic relationship with everything I can find about Pompeii, and Herculaneum. I have a book of Magic Names throughout the centuries from all myths and legends that I adore and refer to quite frequently, and I will mourn Robert B. Parker's passing forever. (No more Jesse Stone, Spenser, HAWK!...Oh the tragedy of it!)

So here I am, joining the ranks of my heroes moving back and forth between the two sides of my new house. I am honored to now be in the family of writers that I have held in such high esteem for so long, and want to thank them one and all for giving me such great role-models to build my own Muse's voice upon. I hope I do you proud.


Roseanne Dowell said...

Thanks for mentioning me. It was a great interview and I was happy to do it. I enjoy helping authors promote themselves. Good luck with all your books.

Lin said...

My pleasure in mentioning you. Thank YOU for the opportunity to guest on your blog. It was a lot of fun, and challenging.