Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dara, The Oak King's Daughter speaks

Emily had some family issues this morning, so I, Dara, had to wait for her to allow me to speak. Emily sends her deepest apologies for the delay.

Hello, I am Dara, the Oak King's daugher. Emily has prevailed upon me to speak with you and share my tale. My father is Dairmuid, I only call him by his given name when I am angry with him. There is a new mage at court, his name is Tinne and he is everything my dreams could ask for. The first time I saw him was in the dining hall, he entered by the east door just as the sun was rising. He strode into the room on the rays of the newly risen sun. He is tall and broad through the shoulders, the light created a nimbus of gold around him. When he moved further into the hall and I could see him better, my heart stopped in my chest and I forgot how to breathe.

It is like that sometimes, my mother told me once, that the night she met my father was the day her life truly began. So it is with me. Tinne is all I desire. Even if I were to put aside the knowledge that he makes magic when he sings and harps, it is not his talent that draws me. Rather, the very essence of who he is holds me captive. A very willing captive, I might add.

Dairmuid forbids me to be alone with Tinne, he prattles on about me duty to the Oak Kingdom and how I must be pure so he can sell me to the highest bidder, like a prize broodmare. (my words at the end, not his). That assesment may be a little harsh, I admit. I know he wishes me to marry wisely in order to strengthen the alliances that ensure the security of the Oak Kingdom. In my head, I understand the importance of making the right choice for the benefit of all who dwell here. It is my heart who does not want to hear any talk about honor and duty. My heart wishes to have Tinne beside me for eternity.

We have managed to steal some time together, alone, Tinne and I. His kissed inflame me; I dissire to allow him access to all of me, body and soul. Especially my body, if you know what I mean. I have felt the steel of his passion against my quivering thighs and the symphony of his hands as they stroke my willing flesh. Tinne is the strong one; he halts our ardour before it carries us past the point of no return. I confess, I find his chivalry quite tedious. I am young and the sap flows hot in my veins. I wish nothing more than to quench the heat of my loins. To feed that fire until it burns itself out in the fierceness of our passion.

I vow by all that I hold holy, that I will find a way for us to be together in every sense of the word. And soon, otherwise I feel I will burst into flames.

As I said earlier, Emily asked me to share this with you. She is having quite a time keeping Tinne and I aparr until she demms the time is right. I am most impatient, both with Emily and Tinne. I''m sure that you can understand my frustration. Please entreat Emily to allow Tinne and I the pleasures we so desire.

I leave you know, and extend to you an invitation to attend the Mabon Ball within the sacred Grove of Oaks. I look forward to greeting you there. Keep in mind that Tinne is off limits to you or you shall feel the wrath of the Oak King's daughter.


Lin said...

Strong willed girls can be very determined and stubborn. I would say Dara fits that mold quite adequately and he father has his hands full.

Emily Pikkasso said...

Dairmuid has no idea the measures I will take to get my own way. He still thinks I am a babe at his knee. Silly Oak King


CPG said...

Oh to be young and impulsive again! I am sure your father has no true idea!

Kat said...

I'm looking forward to this one.