Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And in this Corner is Doug

When Fire Hydrants Dream

I have been asked where my ideas come from. Because I have a bit of a quirky sense of humor, they can come from just about anywhere.

I live in a huge apartment complex that was purchased by a new owner about six years ago, and he has done back flips sprucing the place up.

One morning, though I went out to take my trash to the dumpster and on my trip back I noticed the fire hydrant right near my front porch had been painted sometime over that weekend.

Most fire hydrants are painted a blazing red, or a nondescript red...not ours. We now had fire hydrants throughout our entire complex painted to look like Dalmatian fire dogs...and of course mine talked to me, and began to tell me his sad story. It's a story worthy of sharing, so sit back, put your feet up and be prepared to weep long into the night:

Doug The Wishful Fire Dog

By L.J. Holmes

Meet Doug The Fire Hydrant, as you can tell by how Doug is dressed, he has fantasies about joining our local Fire Company. Problem is, Doug's hose isn't long enough. 'Tis a tragic thing to be a Dalmatian with an arrested hose.

He vowed to make his grow, so every time a car went by, he tried to swing it out and lasso onto that vehicle believing that the forward motion of the cars would make his hose grow. But so far it's sorta backfired. Look carefully at this picture. What's missing?

Yep...!!! The hose!!! The last vehicle he tried to lasso was an eighteen wheeler...snapped that little hose right off! Last time it was seen doing eighty down the interstate still lassoed onto the tailpipe of that beast.

Now tell me true, don't you just want to sit there and bawl a bucketful for Doug and his long gone hose?

So as you can tell, story lines can come from the most unexpected places and when I am minding my own business just carting a bag of trash to the WM dumpster. In other words, my muse is never sleeping...not even when I am sleeping, and definitely not when I am just doing the average things we all do.

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