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Valentine's Party - Hot Tales and Playthings - Invitation to Party!

Sponsored by The Play Pages

Guess what? Everyone who loves erotic reads, erotic play things, and lots of giveaways are invited to the Muse It HOT Valentine’s Day Party sponsored by The Play Pages; ) It all happens on Feb. 14 and 15, 2015 on FB – here’s the event page to follow for the upcoming party:

Here’s our latest listing of the MIH Authors you’ll see there :) Click name to see  listing of books

What you can expect at the party – FUN! Authors sharing some “personal tips” among other wild stuff their willing to give up for a chance to party with you, free HOT e-books, chocolate, swag, and more, plus a big basket of sexy toys from The Play Pages: )

Run over to the FB Event Page to follow…and then plan on attending on February 14th and 15th to join in the wild fun and have a chance at winning some yummy prizes; )

See you there: )

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Immortal Bond by Alix Richards

Sunny has always enjoyed her sexual freedom, but only Bentley sates her hunger. Why is he always ready and waiting? 

Immortal Bond by Alix Richards
Erotic Paranormal Fantasy
Cover Designer Cora Graphics
Releasing December 9

“As much as I’d love to help you through this, I can’t.” Iyanna looped her arms around her shoulders and hugged her. “There are certain things in life we have to do alone. This, in a sense, is one of them. I’m here for you, but in the end, this is something you have to decide on. He will have to too. That’s the way it’s works.”
“And if our families can’t handle it?” Sunny’s eyes widened at her words. Her gaze flying up to her sister’s. “I mean, if he happens to belong to another race.”
Solana Dorian knew who her divine mate was, had for centuries. Now the time had come for her to make a decision. Accept him, even if it caused a rift within her family, or walk away.
Centuries of patiently waiting for Sunny to grow up weighed on Bentley D’Lyons’ nerves. He refused to pressure her, yet at the same time wished she’d hurry up. Could he handle many more decades of her not accepting him completely?

 Pre-order and save $ ONLY $0.99
Available at:

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hot off the press this week...

M/M Historical Erotica
by Logan Zachary
When Samuel Fletcher is invited to Master George’s Plantation for a Southern Decadence party, he was being neighborly. But as the hot, stormy evening rages on, Nate, a slave is being forced to humiliate himself.

Samuel stands up for Nate to the Plantation Master, a shrewd business man. In order to save face, Samuel thinks he is paying to protect Nate, but gets more than he bargained for with a night of pleasure and passion.

Now Samuel and Nate’s lives will never be the same…

Available at:
MuseItHOT   Amazon   B&N   iBooks   Kobo
Erotic Short N Spicy
by Theadora Mitchell
Meet Bonnie and Boris, the couple you wish you were. Hey, maybe you are them.

Bonnie and Boris are middle age, long time married, parents, your average couple.

Except, I don’t know any average couple who are this sexually confident…confident in their love for each other. Confident enough to jump where angels fear to tiptoe. Then again, who am I to assume what goes on behind closed doors.
This Christmas holiday the gifts are a tad X-rated. Boris has stepped out on a limb, with a little help, to give Bonnie a gift sure to be remembered…again and again.

Ohhhh Santa, you and your elf have been a little naughty.

Available at:
MuseItHOT   Amazon   B&N   iBooks   Kobo

Monday, October 20, 2014

Early Morning Darkness ~ S.S. Hampton, Author Guest Post

          It is the middle of October.

          The full moon has come and gone. The nights are cooler now.

          Have you ever been out in the early morning (we will not ask why) when most of the world is still sleeping?

          There is a different feeling to the early morning darkness, perhaps a lazy air of invisibility, of mystique in those hours between sunset and sunrise. The street lights march into the distance though close up they cast strong pools of light with shadows in between each. Cars, SUVs, and trucks with bright headlights and glowing taillights speed in different directions, bearing their occupants on assorted odysseys. The birds are waking up and the first tentative chirps greet a dawn that is no more than a narrow, pale ribbon to the east. If there is a wind rustling through the trees, that is a comforting sound so early in the morning.

          Have you ever stopped at a donut shop or an all-night diner for a coffee and donut, or a quick breakfast? Donut shops, especially, lit by gaudy flashing neon signs are warm inside and smell of baking donuts and hot coffee. Restaurants are a little larger and smell of a wide variety of foods from pancakes to eggs and hash browns.

          Other than the people waiting on you, maybe you are the only one there. You savor your donut and coffee and watch the traffic speed back and forth along the street. Or if at a diner, you are one of several customers. Perhaps a man or woman sit nearby, or perhaps two men and a woman. You might notice that her hair gives the appearance of having weathered a wind storm. Her makeup is slightly smeared. You might even notice that the woman wears a wedding ring on her finger while the man seated next to her showering her with attention, does not. And the other man, perhaps he too wears a wedding ring, yet he sits apart silent and unmoving as if forbidden to interact with the woman.

          And when the trio leave, the woman and the man without a wedding ring hold hands, while the man with a wedding ring trails behind like an obedient servant.

          Interesting, interesting. People are as varied as snowflakes, no two are alike. Close, but in the end, no two are like. Perhaps you witnessed a trio being discreet in the cool darkness before dawn. Perhaps you witnessed a night drawing to a close for them, or perhaps a relaxing interlude in between…?

          Yes, people are as varied as snowflakes—what works for one, or two, or three, may not work for the rest of us, but, so what? Who are we to judge others if we have no reason to do so? Besides, life is short and as long as no one is being hurt, then why not explore possibilities, even if only once?


Sharing Rachel book launch, 17 October 2014, 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Pacific Time), FaceBook

Buy Links:

MuseItHOT, MuseItUp Publishing:

Sharing Rachel
MuseItHOT, MuseItUp Publishing, forthcoming 17 October 2014.

TAG LINE: Sometimes people choose to live life to the fullest…
BLURB: Burt and Rachel Markham are ordinary small business owners of a seed & feed store in a small Kansas farming and ranching community. Many years before, as young university graduates eagerly anticipating exciting overseas employment, a lifetime in Kansas was the furthest thing from their minds, particularly Rachel who was raised overseas and dreamed of going back. By July 2013 their twin 18-year old daughters, having graduated high school several months before, go east to attend a university. Burt and Rachel settle into their new life of an empty house and a predictable and unchanging routine that threatens to stretch far into the future. One summer evening Burt has an idea—but will Rachel accept the idea? If she does, will the idea add new excitement to their marriage, or destroy it?

EXCERPT: A song of reserved exuberance began; the feminine voice rolled the sound of many of the French words. Rachel tilted her head to listen to the music.
          “Edith Piaf, France’s premier singer back in the ‘60s,” she announced fondly. “She died of cancer. This song, it’s “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien,” or “No, I Regret Nothing.” It’s one of her most famous.”
          She put her elbows on the table, folded her hands and rested her chin on them. She looked at Burt.
          He listened. Maybe it was the title—the voice and music had a slow almost melancholy, and yet proud and defiant feel to it. The music and words added an authentic touch to the dim bistrot. If he closed his eyes for a moment he might be able to imagine a rainy night in Paris, sitting in a French bistrot with his wife in the shadow of Notre Dame Cathedral, overlooking the Seine River. Paris was a city he always wanted to visit; he knew Rachel and her parents had visited when stationed overseas.
          “I’m not really hungry yet,” he said.
          She nodded. “Like I said, after.”
          Burt looked at the empty foyer. There was “After” again.
          Rachel followed his gaze and touched his hand. “I don’t think he’s late yet.”
          “I have a feeling he’s about as punctual as you always are,” Burt said with a small smile.
          “Any last minute thoughts or rules?” she asked.
          He shook his head. “Just feel him out and make a common sense decision. If he doesn’t ask to fuck you, how do you let me know you’re interested or not?”
          She chuckled. “If I’m interested I’ll touch your foot with mine. If I’m not, I’ll kick you.”
          Burt lowered his head and gave her a sarcastic look. “Got it.”
          He looked at the foyer again. Saturday night, 7:00 p.m. They were really sitting in a French-style bistrot waiting on a man who wanted to fuck Rachel with Burt’s permission. Would it really happen? Maybe GentlemanNate was a jerk in real life—Rachel didn’t like jerks. She didn’t like men who were loud and pushy, profane or who spoke badly.
          The waitress returned with their drinks.
          “There’s not a wide variety of food because we follow the old European tradition of few selections, but each one is of loving preparation and excellent taste. Would you like to order something? The figs wrapped with grilled bacon is really good. So are the marinated mushrooms. Both are authentic French recipes.”
          “Perhaps a little later,” Rachel answered. “We’re waiting on someone.”
          “Of course,” the waitress said. “Just catch my attention when you’re ready to order.”
          Burt took a drink of his beer and glanced at the TVs. Sports and news. She took his hand in hers, tilted her head and continued smiling at him.
          Maybe GentlemanNate wouldn’t show...

Buy Links:
MuseItHOT, MuseItUp Publishing:

BIO: Stan Hampton, Sr. is a full-blood Choctaw of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, a divorced grandfather to 13 wonderful grandchildren, and a published photographer and photojournalist. He retired on 1 July 2013 from the Army National Guard with the rank of Sergeant First Class; he previously served in the active duty Army (1974-1985), the Army Individual Ready Reserve (1985-1995) (mobilized for the Persian Gulf War), and enlisted in the Nevada Army National Guard in October 2004, after which he was mobilized for Federal active duty for almost three years. Hampton is a veteran of Operations Noble Eagle (2004-2006) and Iraqi Freedom (2006-2007) with deployment to northern Kuwait and several convoy security missions into Iraq.

          His writings have appeared as stand-alone stories and in anthologies from Dark Opus Press, Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy, Melange Books, Musa Publishing, MuseItUp Publishing, Ravenous Romance, and as stand-alone stories in Horror Bound Magazine, The Harrow, and River Walk Journal, among others.

          In May 2014 he graduated from the College of Southern Nevada with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Photography – Commercial Photography Emphasis. A future goal is to study for a degree in archaeology—hopefully to someday work in and photograph underwater archaeology (and also learning to paint).

          After 13 years of brown desert in the Southwest and overseas, he misses the Rocky Mountains, yellow aspens in the fall, running rivers, and a warm fireplace during snowy winters.

          As of April 2014, after being in a 2-year Veterans Administration program for Homeless Veterans, Hampton is officially no longer a homeless Iraq War veteran, though he is still struggling to get back on his feet.

          Hampton can be found at:

Dark Opus Press

Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing

Melange Books

Musa Publishing

MuseItUp Publishing

Ravenous Romance Author Page UK Author Page

Goodreads Author Page

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bonella returns for our 4 Year Anniversary

Bonella resurfaces for our 4 Year Anniversary...

BONELLA: So I see you’ve got some hot sausages on the HOT estore.

LEA: Hot sausages?

BONELLA: You know…some nice looking hot di--



LEA: Manners, please.

BONELLA: Oh, for hellssake…this is the HOT blog, right? I’m sure your readers have seen a di--

LEA: Bonella, I won’t warn you again. Have some respect for those reading this blog.

BONELLA: Then why did you make me travel from down under, go through your grimy clean, well, polluted air is fine, but blue skies? I could have stayed in my little cave playing with my new playmate.

LEA: I invited you because you’ve been like a mascot every October to make an appearance but I hoped after four years you’d have picked up some of our human manners.

BONELLA: Yeah? And after four years I would’ve thought that stick up your butt would have been removed.

Lea shakes her head, contemplating deleting this entire anniversary opening.

BONELLA: Stop shaking your head…making me regret agreeing to host your anniversary this month.

Bonella reaches over and grabs the paper from Lea’s hands, and begins reading. Then laughs…hysterically.

BONELLA: No! You want me to read this? Actually read this garbage?

LEA: It’s not garbage.

BONELLA: “Dear readers, everyone at MuseItUp Publishing wants to thank you <GAG, COUGH, CHOKE> for your support these past four years.”

Bonella looks up at Lea.

BONELLA: Can I rewrite this?

Lea eyes her curiously.

LEA: I’d want to read your rewrite before you post it in the blog.

Bonella chokes in her laughter because she realizes Lea must have lost her marbles since they ARE in the blog already.

BONELLA: Yeah, sure, no problem, Lea…yous da boss, right? So, can I have a go at it?

Lea nods.

Bonella clears her throat.

BONELLA: Dear fans--

LEA: Oh, I like that.

BONELLA: Don’t interrupt a genius at work. <clears her boney throat> Dear fans, MuseItUp Publishing wants to say how much they appreciate you buying their ebooks, especially now with those hot, mouth watering sausa--

LEA: Oh for Pete’s sake.

Lea grabs the paper.

LEA: Never mind. I’ll do the intro over on the main blog on my own.

BONELLA: Suit yourself.

LEA: So tell me about your new playmate.

BONELLA: He’s a change from the oldies around town. Actually you’d probably drool when you see him. Human as human can be.

LEA: Get outta here.

BONELLA: Cross my heart and hope to die…oh, wait…HAHAHAHA, that won’t work cos I’m dead already. I’ll post some pics…no, you’re still a prude so pics will get me into trouble. I’m sure I have a decent one somewhere.

LEA: What’s his name?

Bonella smirks…

BONELLA: His name is Ricardo, but I call him Di--

Lea quickly covers Bonella’s mouth.

LEA: Oh, this is going to be one long anniversary month.

In the background, as Bonella is being dragged away by security, Lea could hear her yelling out…

BONELLA: It warms the COCKles of my dead heart to be back.

LEA: Go! Just GO!

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